Teri excels at conducting meetings. She always deomnstrates flexibility regarding the material and organization of the session, stays engaged with each participant, shares her insights and experience and ensures that meeting outcomes are achieved.

Paula Downey, President and CEO,
CSAA Insurance Group, a AAA Insurer

I have worked with Teri Schwartz over the past 12 years during my time as CEO of Guaranty National Corporation and since 2001 as CEO of AAA of Northern CA, NV & UT. Teri was instrumental in helping me form an effective leadership team that has led AAA to record-breaking performance. She was extremely effective in challenging us to make the necessary commitment to each other to ensure our mutual success. With her guidance the leadership team successfully changed the culture of the organization, which led to the breakthrough performance. She was responsible for leading the process that resulted in us defining our Vision, our Purpose and our Core Values, played a key role in working through the cultural transformation process with our 8,000 employees and has been a critical resource as we worked through the many issues that arose as we were undergoing this considerable change. She has worked equally effectively on both improving team dynamics and supporting the ongoing strategic process.

Teri is particularly effective at holding her clients accountable for their results. She is extremely perceptive and has a great understanding of what makes individuals and teams effective. She is extraordinary at providing "in the moment" feedback to call out issues when the executive leadership team would get stuck. She was largely responsible for the many breakthroughs that the team made as it coalesced around the vision and strategy.

Jim Pouliot, former CEO
AAA Northern CA, NV & UT

Teri has facilitated a number of excellent meetings for me in DPS, for many different groups. We have met one on one, with the leadership at MLK Jr. Early College, and with the turnaround principals. She is very talented at getting the group to voice opinions, and to get buy-in from all members. She is great at bringing subjects to the table that are important to the group, and finding ways to prioritize and organize their strong feelings towards those subjects. She is always extremely prepared, and this makes the meetings run very smoothly. Her manner makes everyone feel important and heard, and everyone leaves the sessions with visual tools to help them attack the issues they face.

Allen Smith, Executive Director of
Denver Summit Schools Network,
Denver Public Schools

I’ve worked with Teri at two different organizations over a 12 year period. In fact, when I was named CEO of Grange Insurance in 1999 – a company to which I was recruited as the new leader – I faced an immediate need for some serious team building and strategic planning work. I was new to my team, my predecessor’s culture had some dysfunctional aspects, and I wanted to hit the ground running. I engaged Teri to construct and lead some very useful programs that helped us gain confidence in our mutual outcome of ownership while leading us through a comprehensive strategic planning process that – even 10+ years later – helps provide our organization’s focus. I would heartily recommend Teri and her team for their professionalism, comprehensive approach to helping solve business problems, their top-notch facilitation skills, and the simple pleasure of working with them.

Phil Urban, CEO,
Grange Insurance

[Teri was] instrumental with the Pinnacol Assurance executive team, [and also had an] impact on our joint culture work on the entire enterprise. I was recently asked to speak before the Denver Women’s Chamber of Commerce, and one of the questions asked was: “What one initiative made the most profound impact on your organization.” I answered that it was the work we did on Vision and Values and the role of Facilitative Leadership. Of course, these were two of the significant efforts you led for us. However, they were life-changing events for the employees and leaders of the organization. It is unprecedented in most organizations to have an initiative impact the level of empowerment of line staff at the same time and to an equal degree of impact to the team of leaders. This caused breakthrough performance in culture, accountability, and the focus on excellence. These had a direct translation into increased profitability and customer service, and you will recall that our profitability was boosted by over 200% during this time. These efforts created a platform for subsequent hard work on culture and drop dead focus on business results that we needed fully aligned and engaged teams working on. Without a doubt, your work with us was imperative to all of this progress in our organization.

Marcia Benchoof, President,
Founder and Managing Partner,
Health COOP Stratey Group

Teri Schwartz has worked extensively with our group, which is comprised of nine partners, including two former Global 20 law firm chairmen and several C-level executives from leading international law firms. We are not an easy crowd. Her strong facilitation and personal skills quickly gained the attention and respect of our partners. Teri vastly improved our ability to manage our partner meetings efficiently, enabling us to cut the number of partner meetings we need in half, and to spend only half of the time we previously needed in the remaining meetings. She impressed on us the importance of discipline in preparing a careful agenda for high-level decision making meetings, taught us specific skills for communicating more clearly and concisely with one another and for eliminating redundancies in our communication. She also taught us how to build into our meetings effective devices for following-up on and executing on our decisions. Our time with and money spent on Teri was tremendously valuable to us.

Peter Zeughauser, Chairman,
Zeughauser Group

I already had an opportunity to use facilitative leadership virtually using Google docs.  Our goal was to identify the top ten of forty-nine IT enhancements we want to focus on.   People gave feedback on how impressed they were with how efficient this was.  My boss and I both agreed it was actually fun!  I am not exaggerating when I say what I learned feels life changing (it sounds dramatic but it’s true).  I can’t wait to use it again.   I am so genuinely thankful for what you have taught me.  When we roll this out, Equinix better look out, this is going to be huge!  

Kelly Knakmuhs, Sr. Manager,
Client Service Management,

Teri Schwartz and TSA has been conducting the Facilitative Leader Training program at Merck since the early 1990’s.

This 3-day program teaches participants a structured technique for facilitating meetings and has been one of Merck’s highest rated programs in their curriculum for many years. Participant level 1 evaluation scores consistently range from 4.7 to 5.0 on a five point scale. Teri consistently updates the program’s subject matter to keep current with new technology. She has also provided consulting services with several Merck divisions and has customized the program delivery to meet the client’s business needs.

I have found all of the instructors at TSA to be highly professional and extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter and they are always willing to provide additional assistance if participants need it after the program. It has been a pleasure working over the years with TSA and I look forward to our continued relationship.

Cathy Hayser, Manager,
Leadership Operations,
Merck & Co., Inc.

Teri Schwartz was engaged by our company in 2010 for a multi-year executive team building project. We challenged her to lay a platform to help our executive team become a high performance team, not just high performance individuals. With her process and personality, she quickly came to understand our culture and the driving forces that would cause us to either succeed or fail along this journey. Teri developed seminars and training programs that catered to our needs and I have seen firsthand the impact that her programs have already begun to have on our organization.

I continue to work personally with Teri during the engagement. She has helped our executive team and ahs taught us invaluable business skills that will impact Haselden Construction for years to come. Our executives are comfortable seeking out her coaching advice and opinions on team issues. Teri has the facilitative skill set to be able to work with the highest levels of any organization.

Mike Haselden,
Chief Operating Officer,
Haselden Construction

When our organization was formed and overnight became an employer of over 800 Associates, we quickly realized the needed for an expert to help us create a culture by design.  Teri and her proven and tenacious process helped us achieve just that.  We were most impressed with Teri's ability to immerse herself in our organization and design a program specifically for us that drove us to achieve a defined set of values and cultural expectations in record time.

In addition, Teri truly cares about the success of her clients.  Through effective coaching and probing, long after the meetings have concluded, Teri continues to ensure we are executing against our culture model and map and offers her constant support along the way.

Betsy Lee
Senior Vice President Shared Services
AAA Club Partners